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Name: N. Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium in Brno
Category: Planetarium
Description: The planetarium dome with 200 seats serves mainly to school groups during the day, but any group over 40 people can order a programme there. The entrance costs CZK 30 (20 for children and students, 15 for fairy tales). In Czech, we offer shows for children over 4 years up to programmes for adult people with a bit of experience in astronomy. All these shows include an actor (astronomy teacher). For another languages, there is just one show (with no actor), People and Stars, having an English, German and French version. The entrance fee is CZK 60, groups over 15 people are welcome. The show takes 40 minutes. A visit of the observatory can follow. In the evening, there are regular astronomy shows in Wednesday and Saturday and geography ones in Thursday. The observatory has a heliostat, showing the Sun on the screen in the lecture hall. The image is one metre across. The observation of the evening sky takes place daily outside Sundays and holidays at 7 p.m. During summertime it is at 9 p.m., just in September at 8 p.m., in July and August the opening days are only Wednesday till Saturday. Plenty of telescopes in several spaces, including a large open roof, can be employed. If the sky is overcast, the observatory equipment and spectra of street lamps can be shown and a small planetarium with 30 seats is used for an interactive star show. For groups of at least five people, a programme at the Observatory can be ordered for any time, preferably afternoon. All of the astronomers leading the programmes speak English, some German as well. The entrance fee is CZK 15. Brno Observatory, established 1954, is a centre of many other activities as well, including university courses.
Contact person: RNDr. Jan Hollan
 CZ-616 00 Brno
 The Czech Republic

Phone(s): ++420/5/41 32 12 87
Fax(es): ++420/5/41 23 33 89
Geographic coordinates:
 eastern longitude: 16° 35' 2"
 northern latitude: 49° 12' 15"
 altitude: 305 meters above sea level

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