Title: Drifting tadpoles in wavelet spectra of decimetric radio emission of fiber bursts
Authors: H. Meszarosova, M. Karlicky, J. Rybak, K. Jiricka
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Description: The solar decimetric radio emission of fiber bursts was investigated searching for the "drifting tadpole" structures proposed by theoretical studies. Characteristic periods with the tadpole pattern were searched for in the radio flux time series by wavelet analysis methods. For the first time, we have found drifting tadpoles in the wavelet spectra of the decimetric radio emission associated with the fiber bursts observed in July 11, 2005. These tadpoles were detected at all radio frequencies in the 1602-1780 MHz frequency range. The characteristic period of the wavelet tadpole patterns was found to be 81.4 s and the frequency drift of the tadpole heads is -6.8 MHz s-1. These tadpoles are interpreted as a signature of the magnetoacoustic wave train moving along a dense flare waveguide and their frequency drift as a motion of the wave train modulating the radio emission produced by the plasma emission mechanism. The present analysis supports the model of fiber bursts based on whistler waves.
Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics 502, L13-15 (2009)
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