Title: Transient jets in the symbiotic prototype Z Andromedae
Authors: A. Skopal, T. Pribulla, J. Budaj, A.A. Vittone, L. Errico, M. Wolf, M. Otsuka, M. Chrastina, Z. Mikulasek
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Description: For the first time we detected collimated bipolar jets from the symbiotic prototype Z And during its 2006 outburst. Their presence was transient, being detected to the end of 2006. We monitored the outburst with optical high-resolution spectroscopy and multicolor UBVR photometry. During the optical maximum, rapid photometric variations with ~0.06 mag on the timescale of hours developed. Simultaneously, high-velocity satellite components appeared on both sides of the H-alpha and H-beta emission line profiles. Spectral properties of these satellite emissions indicated ejection of bipolar jets collimated within an average opening angle of 6 degrees. They were launched at a velocity of ~5000 km/s, asymmetrically with the red/blue velocity ratio of 1.2-1.3. We estimated average outflow rate via jets to ~2E-6 solar masses per year. Evolution in the rapid photometric variability and asymmetric ejection of jets around the optical maximum can be explained by a disruption of the inner parts of the disk caused by radiation-induced warping of the disk.
Reference: The Astrophysical Journal 690, 1222-1235 (2009)
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