Title: T Tauri hviezdy v prehliadkach SuperWASP a NSVS
Authors: L. Hambalek, M. Vanko
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Description: We have investigated our own and available photometry of 22 T-Tauri stars from the Taurus-Auriga region, which had unknown parameters, or there was a large discrepancy in their determination in literature. We have analyzed 18 years of data and added available Kepler photometry. From the brightness changes due to starspots, we were able to infer or refine the rotation velocity of selected stars, which is an important parameter for models of young stars and emerging planetary systems. We have found absolute parameters of these stars and investigated their evolutionary state, e.g. age, before setting on the Main Sequence. With the help of wavelet analysis, we developed a procedure to decide which of the observed periods correspond to the intrinsic rotation period of star covered by many spotted regions. We looked in more detail at the well-known star V410 Tauri and found long-term changes in the brightness and amplitude of the light curve at approximately 15 or 30 years, which we compared to the Sun's magnetic cycle.
Reference: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 483, 1642-1654 (2019)
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